York River | Cape Neddick Harbors 1854 Original

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Original Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart showing York River Maine | Cape Neddick Harbors Maine 1854

Beautiful and uncommon chart of the York River and Cape Neddick Maine published in 1854. 
Produced by the United States Coast Survey, this is one of the earlier charts published under Alexander Dallas Bache, the second superintendent of the Coast Survey and  a great grandson of Benjamin Franklin.  As is typical with Coast Survey charts the attention to detail is spectacular.   The survey work was completed in September 1854 and the survey party produced this chart in 1855. This chart covers “twelve
miles of extremely rough and broken coastline and a large portion covered by thick woods”.   Numerous landmarks are noted including
Sewall’s Bridge, (The original bridge was built in 1761) Old York Village, Cape Neddick Nubble, Elm Tree Point, Roaring Rock Point, Barrett’s Mill Pond, Sweats Point, Flat Point, Seals Head Point, Godfrey’s Cove, Stage Neck, Cow Beach Point, and Harris Island.  Several Navigational hazards are also noted, comprising of Black Rocks, Milbury’s Ledge, and Rock’s Nose

The topographical survey party was led by Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Sr. (Younger
brother of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).


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York River | Cape Neddick Harbors 1854 Original

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