Woods Hole 1857

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing The Harbor of Wood’s Hole Massachusetts 1857

This chart is the predecessor of NOAA Chart 13235, the most recent chart edition for this area.  This chart shows amazing detail of the coastline displaying several Islands comprising of Naushon Island, Unatena Island, Nonamesse Island, Grassy Island, Ram Island, and the Wepecket Islands.  The Chart also gives reference to Nobska Point, Job’s Neck, Mink Point, Bar Neck Warf, and Parker’s Neck.  Other points of interest include Quamquisset Harbor, Hadley Harbor, as well as both Great Harbor and Little Harbor.  Hadley Harbor is shown in great detail, and the original landing in the inner harbor is shown.  A number of significant landmarks are noted in this chart, including Gifford’s blacksmith Shop, which provided ship ironwork and the “Yellow House” owned by Seth Robinson, who passed at age 74, just 6 months prior to this chart’s publication.  Numerous soundings and several Buoys are shown.  Several navigational hazards can be found that include Great Ledge, Middle Ledge, Lone Rock Spindle, and Dry Ledge.   

At one point, during the peak of the local Whaling industry, nine Whaling ships called Wood’s Hole their home port.     

Sailing directions and Tide information is located in the lower right margin as well as abbreviations for bottom soundings.  The abbreviations were significant because when lead sounding lines were used, there was a small indent on the end of the tool, which was filled with tallow (sticky) wax, indicating the type of bottom sounded, and the soundings are correlated with the information included on the chart.

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Woods Hole 1857

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