West Indies And Bahamas Islands 1847 (Original)

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         West India and Bahama Islands 1847 (circa) 31 x 21 This elegantly engraved, large-scale map covers all of the Caribbean and Bahamas, plus the southern tip of Florida, Central America and the northern coast of South America. The map is filled with topographical and political detail and is handsomely presented with calligraphy, a bold keyboard-style border and attractive color. James Wyld was successor to William Faden, one of the luminaries of late eighteenth century publishing in England. Wyld maintained the high standard of graphic and factual excellence that had been established by his predecessor and his maps are among the finest published in the early nineteenth century.

Condition: Nice impression and color with minor soiling and archivally repaired centerfold separations that just enter map border at bottom and enter 1" into map at top. A tear confined to top blank margin has also been archivally repaired.

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West Indies And Bahamas Islands 1847 (Original)

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