Tidal Currents Nantucket Shoals  1854

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Original Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart showing Tidal Currents Nantucket Shoals 1854

Beautiful chart of the Tidal Shoals of Nantucket Harbor published by the United States Coast Survey in 1854.  This chart was published from numerous observations from Coast Survey vessels to better understand the complex system of tidal currents of Nantucket Shoals.  The dark banding represents the distance from Station “X” in hours showing the direction and speed of the tidal current.  The Map of Nantucket was first published by the Coast Survey in 1846, and was drawn by William Mitchell a lifelong friend of Superintendent A.D. Bache and longtime resident of Nantucket, Mitchell’s daughter would later become a prominent scientist and discovered a Comet from a rooftop in downtown Nantucket.

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Tidal Currents Nantucket Shoals 1854

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