Stellwagen's Bank 1855

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing Stellwagen's Bank 1855

A fine reproduction of the first chart (1855) of Stellwagen’s Bank , which was discovered in October 1854 by a Hydrographic party under the command of H. S. Stellwagen. This is a small hand colored chart but very detailed with hundreds of depth soundings indicated across the bank with courses depicted along with buoys and beacons. The coast is drawn from Cape Ann and Thatcher’s Island & Gloucester down to Boston Harbor, Scituate Lt, Plymouth and Cape Cod Bay. Includes the northern tip of Cape Cod with Provincetown Harbor. Finely engraved by S.W. Bradley, the discovery allowed vessels to determine their position with greater accuracy, when leaving or entering Boston harbor, and surrounding ports. It’s discovery was deemed more important to the safety of navigation than a lighthouse.


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Stellwagen's Bank 1855

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