San Francisco | San Diego 1853

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing San Francisco | San Diego 1853

One of the more striking examples of the level of detail put in to profile drawings in U. S. Coast Survey Charts.  This chart was published by the United States Coast Survey in 1853 (second edition) with updates to 1864. This chart covers the coastline from Point Reyes and Duxbury Reef to just south of San Diego and the Mexican border.  Several of the profile drawings contain lighthouses and ships at anchor and a few Seabirds, which are extremely uncommon for these very scientifically, based charts.  The Channel Islands are shown in nice detail as well as Santa Catalina, San Clemente, and San Nicolas Islands. The uppermost profile drawing shows the entrance to San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island.  Detailed information on Sailing Directions and Tides can be found in the margins.

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San Francisco | San Diego 1853

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