Plymouth Harbor 3 views 1876

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Beautiful and rare
chart of Plymouth harbor published in 1876 (dated) showing three examples of
charts published of Plymouth Harbor. The earliest sketch (sketch C) shown is
from famed French Navigator and Cartographer Samuel de Champlain and was drawn
in 1605 during a series of exploration voyages of the New England coastline. Naming
the harbor “Port St Louis” Champlain at first thought the harbor an ideal
settlement, but after several armed skirmishes with the native population and
the difficulties in navigating the treacherous waters, the exploration party
departed for present day Quebec.  Sketch
B is the chart from English Cartographer Joseph F. Des Barres. Wonderful detail
includes several well-known landmarks, soundings and navigational hazards. Sketch
A is from the United States Coast Survey report of 1876. This is one of the most
detailed and beautiful nautical charts ever produced of Plymouth harbor. Shows
numerous soundings, amazing topographical detail and an accuracy that surpassed
all charts to this period.

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Plymouth Harbor 3 views 1876

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