Pleasant Bay 1903

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing Pleasant Bay 1903

Beautiful and rare chart showing the proposed Harbor of refuge, Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod. This chart was published in October, 1903 as part of an Army Corps of Engineers study on proposed harbors of safe refuge and breakwaters. The River and Harbor act of June 13, 1902 contained a provision to examine proposed harbors of refuge at Point Judith, Block Island, harbors of Nantucket Sound and the Eastern shore of Cape Cod.  It was deemed impracticable to convert Pleasant Bay into a harbor of refuge because of the large volume of shifting sand and the cost to maintain an artificial channel. In this publication, the Army Corps estimated Jetty construction costs at $1.30 per ton of rock placed. The chart shows nice detail of Pleasant Bay including numerous soundings; several named Islands and anchoring locations, marked with an Anchor symbol. Information on tides is located in the lower left margin.  A profile drawing located in the lower left hand margin is shown of Nauset beach just north of Strong Island. Also marked are Stage harbor, Oyster pond, and Chatham Harbor and Nauset inlet to the north.

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Pleasant Bay 1903

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