Plan de la Ville de Boston et ses Environs

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Rare Old Historic Antique Map Reproduction showing City Of Boston and Surroundings

J. N. BELLIN "Plan De La Ville De Boston et  ses Environs." Paris c. 1750 Black and White. From Prevost's "Histoire Des Voyages."    Attractive copy of a plan of early Boston and the harbor showing street block plan of the town and wharves. Locates Charles Town and Isle Ronde;  gun batteries, powder magazine, Presbyterian church, prison, city hall, windmill and navigation beacon. Indicates an offshore anchorage and the entrance channel. Depicts shoreline topography with roads running down to the harbor showing bays and inlets. Includes a table of reference to major public buildings from A to Q as noted on the chart, they are translated below.  A fine example of a scarce chart of Boston drawn when it was Boston Neck.   Jaques Nicolas Bellin published this map and was a French Hydrographer  (1703-1772) He was most noted for the publishing of Petit Atlas Maritime, and many individually issued maps as well.

Reference for the City of Boston (could also be translated as “Keys”)

A. Battery of 25 cannons

B. Battery of 16 cannons

C. Battery of 25 cannons

D. North Presbyterian temple

E. Quakers Temple

F. City Hall

G. Anabaptists temple

H. Parade Ground    

 J. Navigation light

K. Elevated sentry box with one sentinel

L. Powder store

M. Mill and small causeway

N. Small basin that becomes dry at low tide

O. Correctional house and prison

P. South Presbyterian temple

Q. Iron gate defended by a mote and 2 batteries 

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Plan de la Ville de Boston et ses Environs

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