Newburyport Harbor 1837 Blunt

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing Newburyport Harbor 1837


Beautiful hand colored chart of Newburyport Harbour and Entrance by Edmund and George W. Blunt.  Newburyport was the hometown of Edmund Blunt. His chart business eventually settled at 179 Water Street in New York, N.Y. on the East river.  Chart soundings are in feet and fractions of feet.  Gangway and Black rocks are clearly marked on this chart, as well as Joppa flats.  A sailing ship of the period is shown on approach to the entrance of the river.  While seemingly decorative and ornamental, everything on a nautical chart is there for a reason.  In this example, the ship illustrates direction to a set of lighted ranges on Plumb (Plum) Island to help with passage through the treacherous river entrance.  Copper engraved by Hooker and Sculpt, then block printed. To this day the outlines of the press can still be seen in the paper.


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Newburyport Harbor 1837 Blunt

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