Muskeget Channel (2) 1855

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Original Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart showing Muskeget Channel Massachusetts 1855


A fine reproduction of an 1855 Coast Survey of  Muskeget Channel. This chart shows great detail of The Eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard Island, Muskeget Channel, The lower section of Falmouth, including salt drying flats, and individual trees and shrubs, there is a fine telescopic view/drawing of Cape Poge Lighthouse on the left hand side and hand colored side / pilot  profile drawings of  Holmes’ Hole Harbor, the original name of Vineyard Haven, as well as a second view from the north entrance of Muskeget Channel.  There are sailing directions in the lower left margin as well as information on tides. The old East and West openings can be seen at the lower end of Chappaquiddick Island.


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Muskeget Channel (2) 1855

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