Eldridge Chart C 1900 (Original)

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Vineyard Sound Lightship to Chatham

Description; Beautiful, original nautical  Chart of Nantucket and Vineyard sound published in 1900(dated below title) by George W. Eldridge Company. Shows detail from Cuttyhunk Island and the Vineyard Sound Lightship and Cuttyhunk Island to East of Monomoy Island. Eldridge was a fisherman, who was injured at sea and started working on charts while recuperating. Eldridge’s first chart was of Monomoy and the new shoals that were formed from a recent gale and were not yet published on other available charts. Also nicknamed Eldridge’s “Upside down chart” As the chart’s orientation is south up.  This particular chart is also marked with the birthplace of the chartmaker. in Chatham. Nicely detailed showing numerous soundings and many shoals, Light vessels and Buoys.  Most Eldridge charts were based on Coast Survey nautical maps, but Eldridge simplified the data on the charts and backed them with heavy linen for protection. Buoys and and lighthouses were typically hand colored by the Eldridge daughters after printing. His son continued the family business selling charts from a sailboat on Martha’s Vineyard. This chart is in very good condition, with the only exception at the entire right margin of the chart, which is discolored.

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Eldridge Chart C 1900 (Original)

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