Eldridge Chart A Long Island Sound to New London 1902 (Original)

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27" x 79"

Long Island Sound New York to New London 1902

Uncommon, fine example of George W. Eldridge’s nautical chart of Long Island
Sound published in 1902 (dated)  nicely detailed from Governor’s Island to the
harbor of New London and Gardiners Island. Linen backed as is typical with
Eldridge working sea charts, this is a nice example of a fairly scarce chart.
George Eldridge (1821-1900) was a former captain of a fishing vessel out of
Cape Cod and a local pilot, who, in 1851/1852, produced his first chart when
recovering from an injury (Titled Chatham Lights). The success of this chart
inspired him to continue with chart making, and Eldridge went on to produce
many other nautical charts of New England and the rest of the Atlantic coast.
His son, George W. Eldridge  later took over the business and continued to issued
attractive charts. Most of the Eldridge charts were based on official U.S. Coastal
Surveys, but known for theirclarity and simplicity.  These charts were separately
issued, lined with linen for storage and durability with use. The family still publishes
The Eldridge Tide book. Very good to excellent condition, truly a rarity in this condition.

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Eldridge Chart A Long Island Sound to New London 1902 (Original)

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