Davis Shoal - Other Dangers 1854

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing Davis Shoal - Other Dangers 1854

Uncommon, highly significant, and often under-appreciated, this is one of the first U.S. Coast Survey chart to depict the completion of the survey of the shoals off Nantucket. Though the unpredictable waters off Nantucket were long a nemesis to sailing vessels on the important London-New York shipping routes, they had never been properly charted. The harsh conditions, including rapid unexpected swells and frequent fog, contrived to make the hydrographic survey of the hazards south of Nantucket one of the most dangerous and challenging projects of the early coast survey. The first survey party to tackle was led by the indomitable Lieutenant Charles H. Davis. Starting at Old South Shoal, a known danger, Davis worked his way southward and soon discovered “New South Shoals” which was later renamed “Davis Shoal” in his honor. Working seasonally, it took the Coast Survey to 1853, fully seven years, to complete the survey of the Old South Shoal and Davis Shoal.

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Davis Shoal - Other Dangers 1854

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