Chesapeake Bay Survey Section 3 1851

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Triangulation sketch of Chesapeake Bay 1851 Reproduction

Early triangulation map of Chesapeake bay published in 1851 (dated) Considered part of the United States government's first map database, these triangulation maps were published to show the progress of the survey of the coast, started n 1807. Triangulation maps usually contained one or more baselines that were measured in amazing accuracy, once a baselin was established, triangles were drawn to in most cases high points for ease or convenience. Trigonometrical equations were used for measuring distances and great accuracy was possible. This created the first unbroken survey of the coastline. Prior to this, most surveys consisted of harbor charts that were disconnected. Shown are tide and current stations as well as numerous landmarks such as the Capitol dome, the Washington Observatory, lighthouses. The position of numerous shoals are shown off the Delaware peninsula. Also interesting to note is the notations of bottles that were dropped overboard and locations where they were found ashore. The Coast Survey sealed post cards addressed to Washington so that anyone finding a bottle could easily report it's found location.

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Chesapeake Bay Survey Section 3 1851

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