Carte De L'ÎLE De Nantucket 1787

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ST. JOHN de CREVECOEUR “Carte De L’Ile De Nantucket Pour Les Lettres d’un Cultivateur Ameriquain.” Paris 1787. Colored. 8X11. This is one of the earliest maps drawn of the Island of Nantucket, that includes a reference table of primary features on the island, plus a compass rose & locates Sherburn, near the harbor, a village surrounded by windmills & cultivated fields. The map was drawn by St. John de Crevecoeur (1735-1813) a French settler in America before & during the Revolutionary War, who became a surveyor & then a farmer who traveled extensively from New England down to Virginia & the Carolinas. Having been taught mathematics, surveying, geography & cartography in France in his youth he wrote essays & drew maps of the interesting places he visited & in 1782 he published a book called “Letters From an American Farmer” which he addressed to a friend in Paris , the Abbe Raynal. The book was illustrated with his maps & Nantucket on the coast of New England, was featured in the book with notes on the Manners, Customs, Policy & Trade of the islanders he met there. The years1782 & 1783 saw the first English publication of the book followed by a French edition in 1787 and an American edition in 1793. The condition of the map is good. It has been cleaned, flattened & conserved. This is a scarce map by a famous cartographer & historian.

Descriptive sources,credits; Boston Rare Maps. Avalon Yale law project, primary source documents

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Carte De L'ÎLE De Nantucket 1787

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