Buzzard's Bay - Block Island 1860 Original

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Original Old Rare Historic Antique Historical Nautical Chart of Buzzard's Bay to Block Island 1860

A very rare chart published by the United States Coast Survey in 1860.  The left panel of a set of three charts shows detail from Block Island to the Slocum River and Mishaum Pt. to the east. The Narragansett Bay survey was not completed for another decade and this chart encompasses the coastline adjacent to the bay. As is typical with Coast Survey charts, the drawings and engravings cover every minute detail of the coastline, Hydrography and Topography.  There are numerous details including countless soundings, bottom types, and a wealth of detailed information in the margins.  Individual streets, roads and houses can be observed. The superintendent in charge of the Coast Survey at the time of this survey was Alexander Dallas Bache, a great grandson of Benjamin Franklin.  He graduated West Point at the age of 15 and taught there shortly after graduation, he led the Coast Survey until his death during the Civil War.

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Buzzard's Bay - Block Island 1860 Original

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