Boston Harbor 1857

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Beautiful and rare chart of Boston Harbor published in 1857 (dated). This incredibly detailed chart was published by the United States Coast Survey in 1857. The wealth of information and scrutiny to detail was a hallmark of the Coast Survey, the attention to topographical detail and numerous soundings, bottom types etc. are amazing considering the technology of the day. Based on triangulation (Trigonometrical) surveys, and considered highly accurate, decades were spent collecting data in the field and reducing to paper in the long winter months, often by oil lamps and candlelight. The sailing directions contain information on entering the Harbor from various approaches and weather. Telescopic or Pilot profiles are located in the margins and show a “Ship’s eye View” of what to expect to see when entering the ports. Chart has been fully professionally restored  and framed to conservation standards, truly an exceptional work from the Coast Survey. The 1857 edition is very uncommon, as later editions were published in larger quantities, also this edition is almost always found with the left margin cut or missing.

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Boston Harbor 1857

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