Boston Harbor 1780

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Rare Old Historic Antique Nautical Chart Reproduction showing Boston Harbor 1780 

Extremely rare Chart of Boston Harbor published in 1780 (dated) titled “Carte  Particuliere Du Havre De Boston”

By Famed French chart maker  CHABERT DE COGOLIN superintendent of the French Dépôt de la Marine.

World Cat shows four copies of this chart, it is unknown how many copies actually exist. This chart
shows amazing detail of Boston harbor and the surrounding  shoreline from Nahant to Cohasset, Massachusetts.

 This detailed navigational chart shows shallows, sandbars, rocks, and other directions (Avec les sondes les Bancs de Sables, les Rochers
les Amales) Clearly marked shoals within the harbor occupy present-day reclaimed and developed areas.


By using techniques of shading and hachuring, the chart also portrays the inland terrain. It depicts roads, individual buildings, as well as small tracks of land, Long Wharf is prominently displayed as well as the retrenchments at the beginning of the narrow neck of Shawmut peninsula.


Published by the French Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine, this chart was based on one (and credited to) by English hydrographer Joseph Des Barres, which appeared in his Atlantic Neptune (1777-1781). Chart is in very good condition.

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Boston Harbor 1780

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