Annisquam 1847

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Reproduction of Rare Old Antique Historical Chart showing Annisquam 1847

Beautiful and rare chart published for the 14th edition of the American Coast Pilot published in 1847.  The Chart maker, Edmund Blunt worked in Newburyport until a fire destroyed his place of business. He then set up shop at 179 Water Street in New York. This chart shows wonderful detail, and as is typical with Blunt Charts, a sailing ship was placed at the advised location for entering the harbor. A beautiful Compass Rose with the sixteen points and Fleurs- de- lis for both magnetic and true north. Several ledges are marked as well as several landmarks such as Lobster Rocks, Babson’s Point, wheelers Point and Coffins Beach.  Individual structures are shown in Annis Squam as well as a light house at the entrance to the harbor.

High quality Matte Litho paper made in Switzerland, Hewlett Packard ink has two hundred year fade rating.

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Annisquam 1847

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